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English League Cup Competitions - 2015

English League Cup Competitions - 2015

These images were taken at the 2015 English League Cup Competitions 20105, which were held at Westerfield TTC, Weavers Leisure Centre , Wellington. A fantastic weekend of table tennis with a large number of the games going very close in the fifth set.
 Rebecca George - Brighton

Eren Gozcu 

Wembley and Harrow`s Karim Khassal and Erin Gozcu 
 Sheffield`s David Thompson

Sheffield`s Mike Fuller

Sheffield`s Mike Fuller
Sheffield`s Warren Li Kam Wa
 Eren Gozcu
Derby`s Amy Humphreys
Derby`s Diana Rusinova

Eren Gozcu and Karim Khassal

Karim Khassal

Karim Khassal

Brighton`s Rebecca George 

Rebecca George

Rebecca George
Brighton`s Rebecca George and Sally Hughes

Rebecca George
Zoe Cheesman serving - Leeds
Joanna Roberts and Zoe Cheesman - Leeds

Joanna Roberts - Leeds

Zoe Cheesman - Leeds
 Michelle Reeves and Emma Rose - Bristol

Emma Rose gives advice
Jim Kenny 

Jan Laing and Sandra Harper - North Herts

Olivia Fletcher (Leamington Spa) -Brian Freer (Umpire) - Millie Bradshaw (Leamington Spa ) and Holly Holder (Crawley and Horsham) shake hands after the match

Bhavika Mistry getting advice from coach John Alsop

Katie Hughes (Coach) -Olivia Fletcher and Millie Bradshaw (Leamington Spa) receive their commemorative mugs from Diane Webb 

Adam Jepson - Cambridge

Bhavika Mistry - Kettering

James Kelly - Cambridge
Jasmin Wong and Gauri Durhan
Jasmin Wong

Kate Cheer -Crawley and Horsham

Millie Bradshaw - Leamington Spa

Tim Denby - Can I have the ball please

Eren Gozcu and Karim Kassal
Doubles Hand Signals
The server in doubles normally signals with their hand underneath the table before serving. This is so that the partner know what type of serve he or she is about to do. There are several types of signals, but generally pointing down with the index finger indicates backspin, upwards with the thumb indicates top spin, and if the serve has sidespin, the player points with the index finger or thumb in the direction of the sidespin. No spin serves are indicated by making a fist.

 Daniel Moses - Reading
Daniel Moses - Reading

Daniel Moses - Reading
Daniel Moses - Reading

 Chris Bush - Guilford

Tim Denby - Nottingham

Amy Humphrey serving to Jasmin Wong

Bhavika Mistry
Gauri Durhan receiving advice from coach Peter Garvey

Sarah Horsnell - Guilford

Naphat Boonyaprapa - Nottingham

Holly Holder - Crawley and Horsham

Dawn Sago - Tamworth
Hari Gerlot - Reading

Hari Gerlot - Reading
Bristol`s Emma Rose and Michelle Reeves

Martin Gunn and Dave Reeves - Bristol

Emily Standing - Bristol

Emma Rose

Emma Rose

Dave Reeves - Bristol

Michelle Reeves - Bristol

Michelle Reeves - Bristol

Emily Standing - Bristol

Martin Gunn - Bristol
Holly Holder and Kate Cheer  - Crawley and Horsham

Daniel Moses and Hari Gerlot - Reading
Tim Denby and Naphat Boonyaprapa - Nottingham

Jasmin Wong and Gauri Durhan
Derby`s Amy Humphrey and Diana Rusinova

Adam Jepson and James Kelly - Cambridge


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